“My Country Retreat” by Lauren McBride

As I began to remodel the vacant
farm house I found on foreclosure,
it seemed the house spoke to me;

I felt I knew its bones – its need
for renovations. Inspired, I showed
revised plans to my friends. They said

I was crazy and offered no help;
even tried to stop me. So I worked
alone at a feverish pace, day and night

with self-imposed deadlines,
barely consulting the blueprints:
top down and room by room –

replacing shingles, loose boards,
caulking cracks, and sealing up drafts
until the frenzy passed. Then I

put down my tools and looked
around – all the lights switched
on to admire my handiwork.

I saw no windows, no doors,
no way out, and the house again
spoke to me. “You’re home.”

Lauren McBride finds inspiration in faith, family, nature, science and membership in the SFPA. Nominated for the Best of the Net, Rhysling, and Dwarf Stars Awards, her poetry has appeared in dozens of publications including Asimov’s, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, and Dreams & Nightmares. She enjoys swimming, gardening, baking, reading, writing, and knitting scarves for troops.