Kaleidotrope 2021


Marissa Lingen—“In the Garden of My Ancestors’ Statues”

Erin K. Wagner—“Truth, Death, and the Golem Between”

Mary E. Lowd—“Returning the Lyre”

Kerry C. Byrne—“Her House There by the Mountain”

Nibedita Sen—“The Love Song of M. Religiosa”

Jennifer Shelby—“The Mermaid’s Tail”

Paul Crenshaw—“What We Are Remembered For”

Dafydd McKimm—“Art, and Wit, and Changing”

Emma Culla—“I Shall Bathe in the Mating Pond”

Eden Royce—“The Salt Cure”

Rob Francis—“The Wet Nurse”

J.S. Veter—“Stag Night”

Samantha Mills—“Spindles”

Sidney Maris Hargrave—“Drown You With Me”

Paul R. Hardy—“A Natural History of the Cityherd and the Humantree Grove”

Gillian Daniels—“House of Wolves”

Matthew Sanborn Smith—“I Was Meant to Live Another Thousand Years”

Michelle Ann King—“Let the Buyer Beware”

Richard Ford Burley— “The Stealing Gift”

Bo Balder—“Bronze in Slow Motion”

Filip Wiltgren—“Yaakov, Meyn Bruder”

Ada Hoffman & Jennifer Flay—“The Hedge-Witch of Welland”

Aimee Ogden—“The Antithesis of Virtue”

Tarver Nova—“Sentinel Crows”

David Barber—“The Beck Conjecture”

Mari Ness—“Somewhens”

H.L. Fullerton—“Courtnée Luvs Rock Stars”

Benjamin C. Kinney—“The Promise of Iron”

Timothy Mudie—“A Heavy Head, A Heavy Yoke”

Robert Jeschonek—“And Miles to Go After I Sleep”


Marcie Lynn Tentchoff—“At the Playground”

Kim Whysall-Hammond—“Shadow Dance/Island”

Jennifer Crow—“Night Beasts”

Mari Ness—“Beneath the Palace Dictionary the Last Evil Mars Moth Sleeps”

Hester J. Rook—“Warning in the Crossroads”

Mikal Trimm—“I know that I can hear a hint of mint…”

WC Roberts—“Poisoned Conscience”

Jessica Cho—“Grandmother Spider”

MA|DE—“Heavy Meta”

Mari Ness—“Dracula Among the Ruins”

Jennifer Bushroe—“The Dinner Party”

Jessy Randall—“The Light Market and the Language Market”

David C. Kopaska-Merkel & Kendall Evans—“Post-Metazoan World”

James Lilley—“Pwca”

Hester J. Rook—“clove hitch”

Jessica Cho—“Pocket Change”

Daniel Rabuzzi—“Cold-Candled Windows”

Gretchen Tessmer—“Cosmic Cooking”

Brittany Hause—“Nine Lives”

Alyxandra Harvey—“The Trick of Fire”