A Word from the Editor (Winter 2020)

A Word from the Editor (Winter 2020)

Happy New Year—and new decade—from Kaleidotrope!

Ten years ago, Kaleidotrope was still just a small print zine, with only a few (well-received, but not-much-seen) issues under its belt. But here we are, at the top of 2020, with issue #46. I can hardly believe it myself!

Whether you’ve been along for the ride the entire way, or you’re just discovering Kaleidotrope for the first time with this new issue, I want to thank you for reading. This zine continues to exist thanks to the interest and support of readers like you—whether that’s supporting it on Patreon or just letting others know about the stories and poems you’ve enjoyed.

And I think you’re going to like this issue of Kaleidotrope a whole lot. It’s a mix of science fiction and fantasy (tinged with some occasional horror), from both returning favorites and authors appearing in Kaleidotrope for the very first time. It makes great reading to usher in a new year and decade!


Fred Coppersmith
January 1, 2020