“And oh, how our hearts hold wonder / Oh, how they roll like thunder”
– Ruen Brothers, “Break the Rules”

“A Touch of Magic” by Annika Barranti Klein
Jane Heldin was looking for three things in a home: a short commute, a nice kitchen, and a chance to finally be happy.
“A Start to Judgment” by Benjamin C. Kinney
Arsha plays the role expected of her, though she’s known for years how their rebellion will end.
“After Midnight, in a Dead Woman’s Shoes” by Frances Rowat
She can’t have been dead more than an hour, most of the night still to come, when she staggers up to her feet in the rain.
“With Flowers in Her Hair” by Julia August
Three steps from the charred stump where she would have parted from Ratibor and five steps from a clear view of the town walls, Emma saw the girl collapse on the rutted road.
“The Holiness of Little Things” by Christine Lucas
“Some kittens are born into holiness,” his mother once told Pamiu, between one purr and the next while he nursed.
“Summer of Hungry Ghosts” by Kyle E. Miller
My father became a hungry ghost when I was six winters old. I remained numb even after winter had passed.
“Mistempered Weapons” by Jennifer R. Donohue
Tragedies make the best ticket sales.
“What Are We Going to Do About Helen Couch?” by Hammond Diehl
We respectfully remind you that we have supplied the fae with the swiftest of intelligence for six millennia; we have many more secrets—the type that tend to win or lose wars.
“The Red Cap of Old Hobb Mill” by Neil Willcox
So there I was sitting at the kitchen table with my old friend John Tattersail, my new acquaintance Mrs. Macalister and an eldritch being from God knows where!
“To Wander Until the Mountain Ends” by K.A. Tutin
Rowan had listened to him whispering to his daughter, who struggled to speak through the black feathers spilling from her mouth.
Bloom by Cindy Fan

“What roots she has her own” by Marisca Pichette
“Luck Spell No. 5” by Avra Margariti
“The Beech King Down on Bartholomew Run” by Rick Hollon
“What Fairy Godmothers Read” by Mary Soon Lee
“In Spring, We Thanked the Wee Folk” by Beth Cato
“Crow Daughter” by Gabriela Avelino
Cindy Fan is a Toronto-based illustrator whose work has previously been published in Strange Horizons, THIS Magazine, Anathema Spec, and more.

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