“Flash! A-ah! Savior of the universe!”
– Queen, “Flash’s Theme”

☆ “That Time We Made a World” by Tom Gammarino

☆ “Daughter of the Sea” by Eliza Aves

☆ “The History Eaters” by Marissa James

☆ “Just North of True” by Ziggy Schutz

☆ “Safe Here in Crest City” by Mary E. Lowd

☆ “Lisa’s Garden” by Jennifer Hudak

☆ “First Mother’s Fear” by Hayley Stone

☆ “Chicxulub Mixtape” by Rick Hollon

☆ “Across the Moor, Towards the Lights” by Dafydd McKimm

☆ “Blondie Comes to Town” by Bo Balder

☆ “Roomba Requires Your Attention” by Jameyanne Fuller

☆ “The Great Gregor and Lady Lazarus’s Final Show” by Chloie Piveral

☆ “Cry Wolf” by Taemumu Richardson

☆ “A Glossary of Psychological Terms Useful for People Trying to Change their Past” by M.J. Pettit

☆ “Requiem for a Bird-Slinger” by Robert Jeschonek

☆ “Tangerine” by Helena O’Connor

☆ “Killer” by Simon Shadows

☆ “Her Ring” by Linda Niehoff

☆ “Captcha Tomorrow” by Louis Evans

☆ “Vows Writ in Scrimshaw” by G.C. Baccaris

Catalina Parra is an LG(TB) editorial illustrator based in Barcelona. Exploring themes of femininity, equality & nature, Catalina’s work is known for its bold graphic shapes and her use of limited color palettes.