“I’ll take a tragedy over a fairytale, but only when the sun is shining”
– Rachael Yamagata, “The Way it Seems to Go”

Artwork by Aylin S Erkan


“It Really Is All About You” by Rachel Rodman

“Catch U Death” by Gregory Norman Bossert

“Lead but to the Grave” by A.J. Hammer

“The Answer of the Fickle Heart” by Eden Frenkel

“Calypso’s Heart Is Both Storm and Calm” by Fernanda Castro

“Out of the Rain” by Louise Hughes

“Forgotten Bakery in the Valley of Ears” by Beth Goder

“Don’t Look Down” by Jennifer Lee Rossman

“A Rectifiable Arc” by Shelly Jones

“Swan Sisters” by Archita Mittra

“The Volunteer” by Michael Canfield

“Crawling Back to You” by H. Pueyo


“New Spaceship Smell” by Robert Borski

“Painting a New Planet” by Bruce McAllister

“How a Xenomorph Knows” by Annika Barranti Klein

“The View at Escape Velocity” by Charles Payseur

“Negotiating With Theia Mania” by Zana Ali

“Coyote Wisdom” by Chris J. Bahnsen

“Look Again” by Brian Hugenbruch

“Re-Read (a triptych)” by Lynne Sargent




Aylin S Erkan is a freelance illustrator who specializes in sci-fi and biological art.
You can find more of her artwork at www.aylinsop.com.