“We like dancing and we look divine”
– David Bowie “Rebel Rebel”


“And, Behold, It Was Very Good” by Scott Edelman
The man looked at the apple with great suspicion.

“The Skin Inside” by Richard E. Gropp
There is a freight of history here.

“Shells of Monsters” by Rhonda Eikamp
When he come out of me all glory and bloody and battered I knowed he was god.

“Enna Media Res” by H.L. Fullerton
…you can take the Sister out of the Heart, but you can’t separate the Heart from the nun—unless you carve it from her cold, dead chest.

“My Lady All in Grey” by Michelle LabbĂ©
Before she had even touched my hand, I knew we would be lovers.

“A Gentlemen’s Agreement” by Aimee Ogden
Heroes are such fragile things.

“Seven Times Seven” by A.C. Wise
The cusp of twilight is blue, bruised grey, then red where a lit sign like a fresh wound shines against the dark.

“Systems” by Nathaniel Lee
The frogs were dying again.

“Things You Should Be Aware of On Waking, Daniel Carter” by C.L. Holland
When you wake you will notice the body you inhabit is unfamiliar.

“Tailor-Made” by Cynthia Zhang
Wedged between the antiques shops and the frosty jeweler's windows and in front of a row of secondhand bookstores, the shop stands.


“Hockey Night in Canis Major” by Gretchen Tessmer

“After the Cataclysm: 3 Sijo” by Brittany Hause

“Into the Void” by Scott J. Couturier

“Feeding the Population on Starship India” by Vijayalakshmi Harish

“Time Crime” by Adele Gardner

“Shreds and Tatters” by Jennifer Crow

“First Love” by Bruce McAllister


Cindy Fan is a Toronto-based illustrator whose work has previously been published in Strange Horizons, THIS Magazine, Anathema Spec, and more.

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