Autumn 2016

Some of the lights below shine directly on the people I know. Their lives take such strange shapes” – Bishop Allen, “Flight 180”

The Good Student by Eddie Wilson


“In the City of Kites and Crows” by Megan Arkenberg

When you breathe deeply, really push the air from your lungs and let the cold valley wind fill you again, you can smell the city’s ghosts. They smell like burning.

“Reflection Espied in the Glass Façade of 20 Fenchurch Street” by Matt Thompson

They say there is a mirror city that lies beneath London’s streets. A replica, the same in every regard; the buildings look just the same, the people execute the same actions, follow the same routines.

“Count Eszterházy’s Harmonium” by Joe Pitkin

Forty days and forty nights I have labored. Forty days through the winter fog when I could scarcely move my fingers for the chill; forty nights colder still, when the empty sky gazed back at me and I went mad until the fog returned.

“A Pearl for Amelie” by Mary E. Lowd

The letter was sealed and stamped but had never been sent. Amelie almost passed it over entirely while going through her aunt’s old boxes of science articles and research notes.

“The Long Game” by Rachael Acks

The first time Gavin MacRaed set eyes on the man affectionately known in the Tribune as Jimmy Flash-Bang, his soon-to-be boss was spitting one of his teeth out onto the sticky floor of a gin joint. It wasn’t a promising start to a professional association.


“A Spell a Day” by Alex Harper

“Before” by Mack W. Mani

“Dangerous Stuff” by David C. Kopaska-Merkel

Illustration: “The Good Student”

Eddie Wilson is an artist/author/storyteller and proprietor of whisperstudio. He has also freelanced in the comics and gaming industries with clients including Lucasfilms, HeavyMetal Magazine, Daw Books, etc. His latest works can found in the recently released steampunk art anthology 1000 Steampunk Creations and three personal art sketchbooks.