“Take me to the dance and hold me tight
I want to see the bright lights tonight”
– Richard and Linda Thompson, “I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight”


“The Antithesis of Virtue” by Aimee Ogden
Zsiuze returns to Vertex the same way she left it: screaming.

“Sentinel Crows” by Tarver Nova
On a pale horse, she rides.

“The Beck Conjecture” by David Barber
A quiet evening in the Chronos Tavern.

“Somewhens” by Mari Ness
Sometimes she is alive. He’s never sure if that’s better or worse.

“Courtnée Luvs Rock Stars” by H.L. Fullerton
Your drummer tells you her name is Courtnée. Says she loooooves rock stars.

“The Promise of Iron” by Benjamin C. Kinney
Eszter pressed her forehead against the narrow window, watching the war-engines roll down the boulevard.

“A Heavy Head, A Heavy Yoke” by Timothy Mudie
It’s a slave who finds the dead body in the hold of the ship, and normally he would be blamed for it, but the body is stiffened, whole swathes transmuted to stone.

“And Miles to Go After I Sleep” by Robert Jeschonek
“…and at that precise moment,” says the furry purple man with the bright yellow eyes, “the giant beast sneezed, covering all two dozen of our party in vile, putrid phlegm!”


“clove hitch” by Hester J. Rook

“Pocket Change” by Jessica Cho

“Cold-Candled Windows” by Daniel A. Rabuzzi

“Cosmic Cooking” by Gretchen Tessmer

“Nine Lives” by Brittany Hause

“The Trick of Fire” by Alyxandra Harvey


Josue Ledesma (In the Dark, 2015) is a New York City based illustrator, writer, and performer. He has illustrated a children’s book and collaborated with multiple artists, writers, and musicians across the country. Aiming to blend a fantastical whimsy with the personal fulfillment art can bring forth, Josue is currently working on a series of live paintings, a departure from his traditional digital style. You can find his work at https://josueledesma.com/. You can also find him on Twitter or Instagram.

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