Spring 2017

“I am nothing without pretend.” – Wye Oak, “Civilian”

“Leg” by Shaenon K. Garrity

When Tony's leg called up its earliest memory, this was the file that opened: a hot night, crickets outside, and Tony's mother touching the leg’s copper seams.

“And We Spake of Them Words Which Make You Goddess” by A.J. Fitzwater

You goddess be sit on that hill two days. You daint spake or look or et, least of all to or from we. We caint leave a goddess hangry or unlooked or ungreeted. That what they spake. Who? Everyun.

“Prayers to Broken Stone” by Cat Sparks

The apartment is musty. No one has been in here for a very long time. Arpita tugs the curtains, letting in a blast of light. To do so is permitted, on the list of things she is allowed to and supposed to do.

“A Scent of Happiness” by Iain Ishbel

Not my usual territory, this part of town, unpromising for harvesting emotions, but nice: all boulevard and trees, pretty in the summer twilight. That thin, sharp trail of human joy slid up my nose like a hot needle, and I stumbled. And then I fell to my knees.

“Joining the Degreasers” by Bo Balder

Madder had always figured he'd end up with the Degreasers, like his brother. And what could be cooler than traveling all over the German Reich in a Panzer car, protecting the roads against Greasers, human horrors created by the Mengele vectors?

Artwork: Tais Teng is a Dutch writer and illustrator. In his own language he has written about everything from radio-plays to hefty fantasy trilogies. As illustrator he has made several hundred covers and interior illustrations for science fiction, horror, fantasy, YA, and children’s books. Find more of his work online here.