Spring 2018

“Will you look me in the eye? Will you run from what you see?” – Tapes ‘n Tapes, “Freak Out”


“The Guitar Hero” by Maria Haskins
The first time Bella, Alice, and I exorcised a demon it was an accident…

“In the Belly of the Wolf” by Gwendolyn Kiste
Close your eyes, but remember: the wolf hides best in the darkness.

“Caleb” by Karin Terebessy
So the alien followed Edith into her small house, sat down on a hard chair, and watched her stoke the wood stove, warming a pot of coffee on the flat iron stovetop.

“Shadow Company” by Mary Alexandra Agner
She says it’s my shadows, one for each sun in the sky, but I know better.

“Gog and Magog” by Charlotte Ashley
When the Gates of Alexander were thrown open and the Wall at Darialani was smashed to pieces, it were not the Kypchaks what came through, nor the Kumans, the Turks nor even the Mongols. It were Gog and Magog come to crush the last kingdom of God.

“Them!” by WC Roberts

“Aubade: Taking Off” by T.D. Walker

“Intoxicating Silence” by Jennifer Crow

About the illustrator
Toe Keen is an amateur artist based in Spain. Lover of wine, women, and song and currently working on a big-ass graphic novel. Visit his online gallery here.