Spring 2019

“The struggle’s real, the force is great. My heart is an adventurer”
– Sarah Blasko, “I Awake”

“Once Upon an Armageddon” by Rachel Rodman
    “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house in!” cried War…

“It Was Tense” by Lindsey Duncan
    The Past wandered into the pub with the measured ease of a bygone era…

“The Asking Price” by Christie Yant
    The rules are simple, and you’ve known them all your life…

“Empty Cages” by David Gallay
    The gates should be open, all of the COM loops spun up…

“Murk Girl, Bright Girl” by Bo Balder
    She was going to venture into the soggy lands to find the Marsh people and petition for adoption…

“Iya-Iya” by Jonathan Edelstein
    She was an orisha, some said; a child of one, said others; a witch, said others still…

“On Ohab’s Land” by Henry Szabranski
    Grass stubble crunches beneath Ohab’s feet as he approaches the giant…

“Consequences of a Stolen Star” by Beth Cato

“Between” by John Grey

“Could’ve Been a Gerbil” by David C. Kopaska-Merkel

“Peace Reigns” by Mack W. Mani

“Nightmare II” by Ada Hoffmann

Passionate about art and games since childhood, cover artist Teresa Guido has always tried to put her imagination on paper. She attended art schools in Italy where finally she graduated; now she works professionally as a freelance visual artist and is always looking for new projects to work on.

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