Spring 2020

“We’re sailing on a strange boat, heading for a strange shore”
– The Waterboys, “Strange Boat”

A Word from the Editor

“Tell Me a Story” by J.J. Roth
     Thomas, whose name is actually something other than Thomas, something that Celia, or any human, wouldn’t be able to pronounce,
     remembers the song. There isn’t anything he doesn’t remember. Memories are his stock-in-trade.

“Himeya” by M. Raoulee
     They tell me they found what was left of my father broken on the rocks with the last of his men. I knew. I saw the red water seeping
     out of the windward bay. I’ve wept, realizing besides—the island will not be ours anymore.

“Joyride” by Amman Sabet
     Sneaking out on a school night? Easymode in my mechanic’s coveralls. They’re baggy and rough-gray and I keep the sleeves rolled up
     to the certification patches. It ain’t girly, but girly’s never been my thing.

“The Moon Room” by Maria Romasco Moore
     The shutter snaps shut and for an instant—Bambi Deerest, belligerent, having lost her best hat earlier that evening, standing at the edge
     of the stage, waving an arm half-encased in silver bangles, purple bangs catching on her eyelashes, beads of sweat dotting her forehead
     like gems—time stops.

“The Cartographer” by Vincent Pendergast
     The palms of Georgie’s hands are maps of lands that don’t exist, with splotchy salmon-pink seas and white-dot archipelagos, and
     terraced hillsides in jungle valleys. He holds them close to the flickering lamp to add depth—topography—and wonders at the savage
     customs hidden there.

“Oh, How She Danced” by Sandra Odell
     To her left, mini-myconid-men, the tiny ThreeMs, not the larger, more self-aware TwoMs, shambled about, carrying wads of spore-infested
     detritus from one pile to the next. This was a lonely time place, not at all what she expected.

“Last Call: Acheron” by Christine Lucas
     The night breeze from the desert west of Thebes chills my skin, and I stifle a curse. I should be in bed. Instead, I stop beneath a palm tree
     and lean against it, lifting my foot to check under the light of the oil lamp what in Sobek’s scaly ass I stepped on this time.

“PQRST” by Suzanne Palmer

“A Life of Made Up Things” by Soren James

“We All Fall Down” by Jessica Minyard

“Diplomatic Incident” by David C. Kopaska-Merkel

“we are all energy” by M. Darusha Wehm

Artwork by Gavin de Lint

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