Spring 2021

“Well, we would plough and part the earth to bring you home / And harvest every miracle ever known”
– Katell Keineg, “The Gulf of Araby”

Carly A-F is a freelance illustrator from the UK. Her work is a combination of hand drawn elements, painted textures and graphic shapes. She is inspired by nature, science, myth and magic.

“Art, and Wit, and Changing” by Dafydd McKimm
Nine months, feeling you mature in my belly, convinced I am your enemy, waiting to take your revenge.
“I Shall Bathe in the Mating Pond” by Emma Culla
As Head of the House of Aquarius, it’s Lady Banyu’s job to clean him, look into his mouth, and check he’s got the prerequisite number of fingers and toes. She must ensure this one’s fit to be presented to the mighty and volatile House of Sagittarius.
“The Salt Cure” by Eden Royce
It has been raining for days, and outside the ground is saturated with water, running in rivulets through my garden, over the carefully laid stone path that winds and wavers in an attempt to lure the monsters and the demons away from my door.
“The Wet Nurse” by Rob Francis
The desert is immeasurable and we are so small, the baby and I. But perhaps there is not far to go after all. One way or another.
“Stag Night” by J.S. Veter
The bridegroom was vomiting in the Ladies’. Giles reported this with a fair amount of excitement, spilling the better half of his pint over Nick’s pressure suit.
“Spindles” by Samantha Mills
Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Eld, an alien menace appeared in ships of chrome and jade.
“Warning in the Crossroads” by Hester J. Rook
“I know that I can hear a hint of mint…” by Mikal Trimm
“Poisoned Conscience” by WC Roberts
“Grandmother Spider” by Jessica Cho
“Heavy Meta” by MA|DE