Summer 2015

“I’m lost and these shadows keep on changing…”
– Poe, “Haunted”
ToeKeenObelk Fiction

“The Posthuman Condition” by Charlotte Ashley

The body in front of her is positioned for approval, propped on its knees with its arms spread wide to receive and embrace whatever meaning she chooses to imbue it with.

“Shuffle” by Jennifer K. Oliver

My mouth, full of leathery flesh. Still, there are colors, lights. They shudder and pulse in the deep dark.

“Bitter Medicine” by C.A.L.

He saw the platinum walls of a spacecraft, set against an alien starfield; he saw other faces, not unlike his own.

“Chinese Poetry” by Robert Pritchard

Murder in the Villa Anzique: striding ahead, the Duchess’s obsidian locks bounced against pale shoulder-blades.

“Her Mother’s Child” by Julie Sondra Decker

The grinding stone slips from my fingers and clatters into the mortar, echoing the rhythm of my heart.


“Sinkhole” by Marge Simon

“Past Modernism” by Leslianne Wilder

“The White-Tailed Morning” by JD DeHart

“Summer Palace” by F.J. Bergmann

“Curio Collector” by Bethany Powell

Illustration: Toe Keen is an amateur artist based in Spain. Lover of wine, women, and song and currently working on a big-ass graphic novel. Visit his online gallery here.