Summer 2018

“They take apart their nightmares and they leave them by the door” – Tom Waits, “Tango Till They’re Sore”

“Chrysalis Party”
by Mary E. Lowd

“The Magician Deletes Her Feed”
by Kate Lechler

“Seven Turns Around the Sacred Fire”
by Meera Jhala

“The Young God”
by Vanessa Fogg

“Last Bus to What’s Left of Albuquerque”
by Carrie Cuinn

“Scorn Not the Least”
by Desmond Warzel

“Generation Ship”
by David Barber

“Rules to the Zombie Apocalypse”
by Todd Dillard

“To My Love at Lagrange Point Five”
by Kaye Boesme

About the illustrator
Shauna O’Meara is a Ditmar and EG Harvey Award-winning artist and Aurealis-nominated writer based in Australia. She has contributed cover or interior art to Lackington’s Magazine in Canada as well as several Australian speculative fiction anthologies including: Wide Brown Land, Cthulhu: Deep Down Under, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Winds of Change, Next, The Never Never Land and upcoming anthology, Hand of Knaves. She is on Twitter at @OMearaShauna and Instagram at @shaunaomeara and you can find her at: