Summer 2019

“We’ve been searching for our whole lives
And we have traveled through unexplainable stories”
– Cloud Cult, “Unexplainable Stories”


“Daughters of Silt and Cedar” by Rebecca Mix
    I am six years old when Papa leaves me in the swamp.

“Regardless of How Lost You Are Returning From, Regardless of How Far” by Anthony R. Cardno
    I’m sure my sudden disappearance shocked my wife and ten-year-old son as much as it did me. I can’t help but wonder if this man is my replacement.

“Ulek Mayang or The Seven Exiled Sisters” by Nin Harris
    Child of the tengkujuh season, the mid-afternoon thunderstorm raged.

“Brain-Dead Baby Jesuses” by Mary E. Lowd
    She’d been praying for snow.

“Our Lady of the Light” by S.R. Mandel
    The empire of Immernen is home to two kinds of gods: those that can be seen, and those that cannot.

“The Madam, the Cataphract, the Odalisque, and His Sons” by Subodhana Wijeyeratne
    They are not many, but there are still those who remember the time before the Liberation.

“Building on Sand” by B. Morris Allen
    He had been ready; a small bag packed, boots oiled, axe sharpened. He had meant to go, but he had not gone.



“Texas Weather” by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam

“If Only I Could Sleep” by G.O. Clark

“This Is Why I Love You” by Lynette Mej√≠a

“Korzenie” by Aurea Kochanowski

“The New Arrival” by John Grey

Cover art by Patrick King

Rochester, New York-based artist Patrick King specializes in genre-bending digital art; from dark and atmospheric digital paintings to neon-infused and retro-inspired action scenes, pushing boundaries to create something wholly new and unique is consistently a driving force in his work. Originally from a small town in Central Texas, Patrick loved drawing and creating art all through grade school and into college, where he earned a degree in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin. Since then, he has appeared in numerous shows and conventions, as well as has been published in several art anthologies. He also sells prints of his art, which are available at and

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