Winter 2017

I took a little journey to the unknown / And I come back changed, I can feel it in my bones” – Lord Huron, “Meet Me in the Woods”


“The Song of the Whistling Crab” by Michael McGlade

Saoirse left me this morning for a strongman with a bum leg who owned a travelling circus of three bears, two dingoes, and a whistling crab.

“One Thousand Paper Cranes” by Julie C. Day

There is a story Elijah likes to tell himself. This story is set long before the fire, more than ten years ago, back in 2015.

“The Big Reveal” by David Stevens

…when he looked up and saw the man’s face turning into someone else’s, the boy stopped paying attention to the stuffed horse he had been pulling hair from all afternoon.

“Scrapie’s Trap” by Lisa Bergin

Scrapie’d started hunting ’bout a half season before she’d ever found that boy what went by the name of Dog. Least ways she’d started practicing for the hunt.

“The Last Seven Eternities of Dr. Julian Slade, PhD” by Joshua Kamin

My search for the journalist named Darius Sicory took me to some strange places, and at some point along the way I must’ve taken a wrong turn, strayed too far down a particularly dark path and never really found my way back—not all in one piece, at any rate.


“Ship of Jinn” by Holly Lyn Walrath

“From the Dictionary of Nonexistent Words, A Sampler” by Kathrin Köhler

“The Last Word” by Gwynne Garfinkle


A Word from the Editor


Illustration: “Black Widow Baby” by Cesar Valtierra
Cesar Valtierra is a graphic designer from El Paso, TX. To escape the drudgery of life, he draws. He also hangs out with his fiancée Victoria, and their cats, Chubs and Pretty Boy. Check out his work at and His comic can be viewed at