Winter 2018

“Strange fascination, fascinating me” – David Bowie, “Changes”

“Shadows and Bells”
by Mari Ness

“A Slip in the Slice”
by Heather Morris

“The Fashion of Men”
by Kat Otis

“The Temporary Suicides of Goldfish”
by Octavia Cade

“The Little Duchess”
by Julia August






by Jennifer Crow

“Batman at the Wheel”
by Mary Alexandra Agner

“Report on Incident 3179”
by irving



A Word from the Editor

About the illustrator
Kat Weaver’s illustrations can be found in Metaphorosis, Persistent Visions, Lackington’s, the World Fantasy Award-winning She Walks in Shadows anthology, and Crossed Genres: Hidden Youth. She lives in Minneapolis with her girlfriend and two birds, and her portfolio can be found at