Winter 2019

“Some say you can learn a lot from books. thrill right to second-hand living
Life is just as deadly as it looks, but fiction is more forgiving”
– Richard Thompson, “Sibella”

“The Bone Lands” by Vanessa Fogg

I walked through towers made of giants’ femurs, and under the great curved arches of a leviathan’s ribs. A fence strung of vertebrae clacked in the wind. The skulls of unknown animals grinned.

“The Scapegoat Village” by Daniel Ausema

He scrambles, lowering himself down steep drops, mindful of the weight on his back: the city’s debts, owed each year to the demons of the plains.

“When the Ice Comes In” by Ephiny Gale

The curtains are drawn to keep what little heat remains inside, but I know exactly what the view looks like: snow drifts so high I could almost step onto them from my second-storey apartment

“Death and the Tower” by William Broom

Cassandra is in the courtyard when a vision overtakes her.

“Changes” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

I remembered witches could be dangerous, collecting frogs to use in their spells, and called an alert about her approach, then waited to watch what she might do next.

“All the Glory of Her Earthly Shell” by Holly Lyn Walrath

“Even Their Fish” by David C. Kopaska-Merkel

“Those Who Came Before” by Mack W. Mani

“And Bagoas Danced” by Karolina Fedyk

“Winter Picnic” by R.K. Duncan

Cover artist Grant Wilson returned to Art in an Educational capacity with commencement of a College course in Digital Design. Further study of Drawing and Painting, Animation, Film-making and Scriptwriting enhanced his creative skills. He started his own Business selling Prints in October 2009, having reasonable success in a difficult market at a difficult time. He also completed a Distance learning Cartoon course, passing at Merit from the London Art College. His Cartoons have featured on the Course Gallery pages. Grant has also written freelance articles for Photoshop Creative magazine, primarily dealing with Photoshop Elements techniques, and his artwork and prints can be found online.

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