Winter 2020

“Every little piece of your life will mean something to someone”
– Editors, “The Weight of the World”

A Word from the Editor

“Tasting Menu” by Kristen Koopman
     Judith, the aforementioned prodigy, held the door open with a smirk. “We don’t do subtle. We do amazing.”

“Miss Karami’s Academy for Time-Warping Ladies” by Kat Otis
     That’s how I got caught doubling myself—warping time in a manner that was, as Mother phrased it, “unbecoming for a lady in proper Society.”

“Dissonance” by Kelly Washington
     Eight human beings stumble from the wreckage and find themselves in a wasteland of muted colors…

“The Narrow Lands of Truth” by Daniel Rosen
     The priests say it is desperation that drives men into the desert, seeking the dead city of Zetzura.

“Necessary as a Rose” by Mary E. Lowd
     Sleek and silver, your spaceship sliced through the darkness of space.

“Magenta and Indigo and Rust and Blackish-Green” by Matt Weber
     Our story begins at rush hour on the floor at Heartbeat City, the disco ball anointing all of us with angel dust.

“The Last Ship Out of Exville” by Phoebe Barton
     They call me the Sorceress, because holding together a community like Exville takes a little magic.

“Fishing” by Cassandra Rose Clarke

“Afterglow” by Karolina Fedyk

“Mattress World” by Shannon Connor Winward

“The Hot One” by Marie Vibbert

“Archipelagic Constellations” by Nin Harris

Artwork by Shaenon K. Garrity

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