Autumn 2019

“Stories come through our faded little town when the sun shines”
– Patty Griffin, “Where I Come From”

“The Chopsticks Wizard”
  by Anya Ow

“Before Dominica”
  by Cat Sparks

“The Devil and Andrew’s Sprong”
  by William R. Eakin

“The Upturned Chalice”
  by Santiago Belluco

“Doll’s House”
  by Julia August

“Polymer Island”
  by Helen Stubbs

“Frankincense and Myrrh”
  by Megan Arkenberg


“Here We Are Dragons”
  by Jennifer Crow

“The Seventh Brother”
  by Karolina Fedyk

“Bury Your Love Head Down”
  by R.K. Duncan

“What Waited Beneath the Mountain”
  by Cassandra Rose Clarke

“A Taxonomy of Captured Roses”
  by Hester J. Rook


  by Grant Wilson: Electra Art and Design

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