Kaleidotrope #9, July 2010

July 2010 cover -- artwork by Inna Hansen

Here are the contents of the July 2010 issue!

“A Punny Thing Happened on the Way to the Tavern” by Rachel Swirsky
“So Many Years Ago” by Jay Lowrey
“Emperor of Mist” by Daniel Braum
“Like a Cannonball” by Jason Heller
“Take Four” Genevieve Valentine
“Danny‚Äôs Magical Toe Jam” by Marshall Payne
“Labyrinth” by Janet E. Sever
“Fire Eater” by Cort Ellyn
“Adam” by Jenny Blackford

Two Poems by John Grey
“If My Easy Saver Account Was a Robot Mom and I Lived in the Future” by Phil Estes
“Dates With Poetry” by Jonathan David Lim
“Siberian Geese” by Anna Sykora
“Last Call” by Alec Kowalczyk
“Star Spores” by William Doreski

“John Dickson: The Sound Behind the Most Dangerous Night on TV” by C.J. Bahnsen

Plus artwork from Inna Hansen and Grant Wilson.

$5 — US/Canada

$8 — International

$2.99 — E-book (PDF) [wp_eStore:product_id:1:end]