The one hand giveth…

Larry Nolen recently posted his shortlist for the next volume in the Best American Fantasy series. As series editor, his list includes Will Kaufman’s story “Eris Sink Pluto” from Kaleidotrope #8, which is really a thrill.

Unfortunately, at the same time, it’s been announced that the series is coming to an end and this volume (which might or might not have featured Will’s intriguing story) won’t be published. It really is a shame, since the three earlier volumes unearthed a lot of great stories from a wide assortment of venues. Like the Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror before it, I’ll be very sorry to see this series go.

Still, as Nolen points out his shortlist still serves “as a guide to great short fiction published between May 1, 2009 and May 31, 2010.”