Kaleidotrope #10

Kaleidotrope #10 will be out next month, and here’s a first look at its contents.

“Woman Lost” by Julia Kelso
Hearts were something you cut out, not broke.

“The Giant of Malheur Park” by Maria Deira
As she entered the park, the ground dipped before her and she tripped. She tried to catch herself, but instead she fell against a wall — a moist wall of flesh.

“The Flash at Taco Night” by Joe Celizic
But even The Flash’s superhuman metabolism has its limits when it comes to dormitory Mexican cuisine.

“Krishna Blue” by Ian R. Faulkner
Whale swung the ship around, port thrusters firing at full burn, and pointed the nose toward the gravity breakwater that protected Cal Edo’s berths from hard vacuum.

“Heir Presumptive” by James L. Grant
And then The Man did move. In a flash, he jumped forward and grabbed Nikola by the throat. Through the silk gloves, his fingers were hard as steel, twice as cold.

“Simulacrums” by Robert Lamb
He dodged the sluggish, drunken surges of perfumed bodies, carefully clipped through half-shouted snippets of gossip, crude jokes, and pop-culture prattle.

“Rabbit Hole” by Mary Edmunds
If it had just been for some rabbit meat or skins for a coverlet, he would have sent one of his women. But he came himself, filling up the place with his bulk.

“The Teeth Within” by Jason Huskey
I longed for a forever in the silk of a soft-core queen, picking up lonely women along the highway in our spare time. To live a life that would make the devil blush.

“Titania’s Choice” by Bonnie McDaniel
But Glacier National Park was my teenage stomping ground, and its disappearance into Faerie’s sizzling maw did not sit well.

“Head Feints or Spasms of Insurrection” by Colin James
“Rifling the Crosscut Blowfish” by Bruce Boston
“Two Corpses With Butterflies After the War” by Linda Ann Strang
“Labyrinth” by Ki Russell
“The Only Moth Among the Dark” by Barry Napier

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