Rich Horton looks at Kaleidtrope 2010

Rich Horton, in his annual summaries of 2010, looks at Kaleidotrope’s three issues:

From #8 (April) I liked Fred Warren’s “The Silver Tree”, YA flavored SF about a colony planet and an unsanctioned plant; and Rob Hunter’s very odd “The Beewolf”. From #9 (July), I liked Jay Lowrey’s “Som Many Years Ago”, about a crowded future with mandatory sports rooting fees, etc; and Cort Ellyn’s “Fire Eater”, about a woman’s attempt to reform a prison for magical creatures. From #10 (October), Ian Faulkner’s space adventure “Krishna Blue”, about AIs and an oppressed planet and revolution. Other good work came from Bonnie McDaniel, Genevieve Valentine, Rachel Swirsky, Maria Deira, Terri Leigh Relf, C. Groover, Benjamin Smith.