Kaleidotrope #12

Our Summer 2011 issue is now available and will start mailing out over the coming weekend. This issue is a little different than our standard fare at Kaleidotrope, though we hope no less fun. This time around, we’re showcasing a new fantasy novella by A.S. Moser:

Asha’s hand rose involuntarily to the sacred dahal vial hung on a thong around her neck, as though the holy mark of her office and the pure kalimar extract it contained — the essence of the Goddess Herself — would protect her. She had fashioned the mangrove wood vial by her own hands, claimed it with her own blood, and, while it was far from beautiful, it was a constant comfort to her. The forest had brightened and thinned out quickly, as though it ran right up against an invisible border. Ahead she could see the end of the trees, and beyond them…she had no words to describe what was beyond them. There simply were no trees. None. And it was so bright.

Plus a long-form, semi-experimental, story-poem from Jessey Nickells, cover art from Ted Jean, and the horoscopes you’ve come to know and love and/or dread.

Check it out and spread the word!