“Implants” by Noel Sloboda

“Implants” by Noel Sloboda

She imagines the response
would have been cold indeed
if ever she had asked her parents

for such a procedure. But perhaps
she underrates the power
of the new. She never can hold out long

against her offspring. Confronted
by those bright, hopeful eyes
she crumples into a tinfoil ball,

allowing her daughter to follow
all the latest fads. The girl draws close
to whisper her thanks, the soft, pink

tongue she just had to have
making such warm, wet sounds —
so unlike the music of her real voice.

Noel Sloboda is the author of the poetry collection Shell Games as well as several chapbooks. His writing has appeared in Tales of the Talisman, Mythic Delirium, Star*line, and a variety of other places. Sloboda serves as dramaturg for the Harrisburg Shakespeare Company.