Spring 2014


“Shadowboxing” by Andrew Miller

I killed Guillaume last night, but he’s alive again in time for breakfast.

“Sun-Touched” by LaShawn M. Wanak

The workers depart for their quarters as soon as the dawn bells chime. They leave behind a single glowglobe on the table by the Princess’ cushions, covered with a dark cloth. The Princess isn’t supposed to look at it directly; the Dowager had warned her any light — even the benign glowglobes — is dangerous.

“Tree, Fire, World” by Desirina Boskovich

And so it came to pass, in the years past reckoning, when I served as a scribe in the court of the king, that there stood the last and only tree.

“On the Appetite of a God” by Andy Dudak

Listen closely doctor, for our time together will be short. This body shivering before you is possessed.

“Braeberry Street” by Erin Stocks Rubin

Jimmy runs a mental checklist. A small propane camping stove and matches. Three five-gallon drums of water and a grocery bag of freeze-dried food packets. A flashlight, first aid kit with children’s Tylenol, tarps and garbage bags. Extra clothes.

“Rhyme in Seven Parts” by Berrien C. Henderson

We first found her crouched over the pile of mid-autumn leaves. Handfuls in her hands. Shoulders hunched. She turned her head in a slow swiveling motion to regard us as she munched the browns and rusts and oranges and yellows.


“Moon Stone, Please Touch” by Mary Alexandra Agner

“Fuseli in Peru” by Mark McCutcheon