Spring 2015

“If I only knew where you’re taking me, would I be afraid?”
– Sophie Solomon, “Lazarus”


“The Spine of Worlds” by Eric Rosenfield

The Clockwork Gallery, as Hal called it, had walls of gears, pistons, springs and boilers, all hot steam pipes and cool iron.

“Monkey King, Faerie Queen” by Zen Cho

Now to be fair, Sun Wukong was already in a bad mood when he arrived at the Faerie Court.

“Echoes of Life” by Jetse de Vries

Jason’s concentration borders on the inhuman, the way he disregards the celestial spectacle. Jupiter, dominating Europa’s sky with its mini-solar spikes, is all but impossible to ignore.

“The Face of Atrocity” by Charles Ebert

Ivan awoke when the screaming started from the German barracks.

“The Maquette” by Nicole M. Taylor

He thought he heard her whispering in the night. A low, rasping murmur with no real language. It might have been the trees, the wind, people passing on the little lane outside the sculptor’s home. It might have been.


“Squished Things” by Beth Cato

“Le RĂªve” by Sandi Leibowitz

“Closing time, Gilgamesh among the drunks” by David Coleman



Illustration: After Tex McCranie finished his illustration degree he moved to the North Carolina mountains. He draws, paints, reads, and admires the landscape while trying to figure out how to “make it” as an illustrator.