“Heavy Meta” by MA|DE

If you want to find the world’s heaviest metal,
stay out of the lab, look for the impact crater.
Track the platinum and gold, then dissolve them
in aqua regia. Filter out the brittle silver
density of iridium, pass on the probability
of post-transition tennessine. Snift windward
for ink, let it take you to the rich rare nibs of
fountain pens. Walk the length of walls, listening
for the hum of osmium’s electric contact.

If you want to find the world’s other
heaviest metal, pilot a spacecraft freefall
down a mine shaft until you hit the Chaosphere.
Absorb brutal simplicity, build to a monolithic repetition.
Children of blast and fallout, stay out of the lab,
find the stage. Forget dandelion petals, forego
angelic delight. Perfect the trifecta: choke the
cymbals and double-kick the drum kit. Spend nights
under Minraud with vermin, decollating canaries as
a prophetic riff on death. Shroud yourselves
in a blue mist of electric distortion.

MA|DE (est. 2018) is a collaborative writing entity comprising interdisciplinary artist Mark Laliberte (author of asemanticasymmetry—Anstruther 2017) and writer Jade Wallace (author of Rituals of Parsing—Anstruther 2018). Their poems have appeared in Poetry is Dead, PRISM international, The Anti-Languorous Project, Trinity Review, Vallum, and elsewhere. MA|DE’s three chapbooks are Test Centre (Zed Press 2019), A Trip to the ZZOO (Collusion Books 2020), and A Barely Concealed Design (Puddles of Sky Press, 2020) and they are currently at work on their first full-length collection. Please visit: ma-de.ca