Summer 2012


“Plurality” by Samuel Mae

Outside, in the void, where atoms sail and breath refuses to exist, we see glitter in the distance. Beyond the emptiness. Will we ever reach there, we ask?

“Children of the Earth” by Ben Godby

The darkness of the wormholes terrifies me. If the light can’t keep up, I’m scared I could lose myself in the darkness. But I guess that wouldn’t be all that bad. I have no idea where I’m going, anyway…

“Extended Periods of Absence” by James Bloomer

“I don’t think that it is too much to ask for you to tidy the kitchen.” Tanya’s face caged her anger…

“Chasing Horizons” by Eric Landreneau

It was the smoke that first caught Agyp’s eye; great roils of it spewed out from over the forested hill, drawing a giant black arrow in the overcast sky…

“Junk” by R.D. Kimball

“If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.” Jasper croons. He is always crooning. Especially now. It’s his act, and the sequins on his jumpsuit glitter with stage light. Crooning. But he isn’t paying attention to himself just now, he’s thinking of a little wooden box…

“Sent” by Joshua Pabon

They should have been back by now. By now it would have started –- In truth, Josie Salas was never sure how their fights began; knowing when, or how, they might end was even more mysterious to her…

“A Dancer for Aonou” by Eliza Hirsch

Judith stretched on her belly and yawned. “Did you bring me drink, sweet woman?” she purred, eyes half open. I shook my head; her smile drooped…

“The Sleeping Beauty Symphony” by Django Mathijsen

Popular clichés must hold some truth. In many ways Felina was my opposite. She was mad about traveling, restless if she had to stay anywhere more than a few days. Even her job as a suborbital pilot, flying to Moscow, Johannesburg, and Bombay, couldn’t satisfy her. She hungered for weird and wild bits of earth…

“The Mechanic” by Eliza Victoria

She arrived in town one afternoon in the throes of a typhoon, welcomed by the sight of grim skies, overflowing canals, and tragedy. Washed up on a deserted street on her way to her parents’ house was a pile of dead bodies…

“Sloth” by Don Jolly

Rick put his nose to the window, feeling a little drop of heat where flesh met glass. He breathed; close, steady. Outside, blue shadows shifted on the gravel drive, restricting the golden autumn sunlight to ragged bands that fell across Rick’s father’s truck and the figure behind the wheel. Rick watched, hunkered, in the second-floor study, dogs whining at the door below…


“A Hero’s First Task” by Alexandra Seidel

“Last Bag” by Peter J. Grieco

“ Knit Your Sleep from the Night’s Black Yarn” by Lisa Grove


“Chuck the Penguin” by G.W. Thomas


Cover art:

Eleanor Leonne Bennett is a 15-year-old internationally award winning photographer and artist who has won first places with National Geographic,The World Photography Organisation, and Nature’s Best Photography, among others. Her photography has been published in the Telegraph, The Guardian, BBC News Website, and on the cover of books and magazines in the United states and Canada. You can find her online at