Untitled horrorku by Jessica Meddows

Untitled horrorku by Jessica Meddows

They drain your fresh blood
Mosquitos the size of deer
Savor every drop

Humid summer clouds
Unleash blood-rain and dead fish
Another omen

Specks of bright red blood
Paint Winter’s layer of snow
Early morning death

Gators lurk in lakes
Florida humidity
Children go missing

Slate colored clouds swarm
People shelter in bunkers
Acid rain melts flesh

Ancient limestone caves
Secrets harbored in tunnels
What deaths lie unsolved

Tsunamis unleash
Great white sharks into our lakes
Spring break packs a bite

Spring thaws winter snow
And the hungry undead hordes
Zombie season runs

Sweat, fever, cold chills
Virus invades your body
Wait for death’s release

Jessica Meddows is a lawyer and freelance writer. She writers a monthly column on legal issues in the publishing industry for Litreactor.com, and publishes a food and travel blog at northandsouthnomads.com.