“Sinkhole” by Marge Simon

“Sinkhole” by Marge Simon

After much travail and heartache,
Persephone escaped from Hades.

She took up housekeeping in Florida
and planted lots of pomegranates.

But while tending her garden in early spring…

Hades, sipping a sentimental grenadine toddy,
was quite surprised when she landed in his lap.

Marge Simon‘s works appear in publications such as DailySF Magazine, Pedestal, Urban Fantasist, Bete Noire. She edits a column for the HWA Newsletter, “Blood & Spades: Poets of the Dark Side,” and serves as Chair of the Board of Trustees. She won the Strange Horizons Readers Choice Award, 2010, and the SFPA’s Dwarf Stars Award, 2012. She has won three Bram Stoker Awards® for Superior Work in Poetry and has poetry in HWA’s Simon & Schuster collection, It’s Scary Out There (tbp 2015). Marge also has poems in Darke Phantastique, Qualia Nous collections, Chiral Mad 3 and Spectral Realms, 2014-2015.