“Pwca” by James Lilley

There is something in the woods
earth breaths
birds don’t sing
trees whisper
and a loon screams at
ghost of moon.

Hunters won’t go in anymore
herds of beast
move deeper and deeper
town kids found a shed
made of twigs and leaves
potted exotic plants
lining rickety shelves
now they can’t remember.

There is something in the woods
looks like a hare
fur made of night and stars
whispering a language almost
dead, ancient, forgotten
tales of Cyhyraeth.

There is something in the woods
first of many.

James Lilley is from Swansea, Wales, and resides there with his wife and three children. He is an active mixed martial artist, bare-knuckle boxer, and retired professional boxer. Writing as a hobby since childhood he began to take writing more seriously during the UK Spring lockdown in 2020. He has been featured in such publications as Black Bough Poetry, Versification, Punk Noir Magazine, The Daily Drunk Magazine, The Five-Two, Yellow Mama Magazine, Splintered Disorder Press, Fever of the Mind Poetry, Skyway Journal, Sledgehammer Lit, and many more. He was named Versification‘s Punk of the Year 2020. His Micro Collection The Thousand Ghosts of You was printed by Alien Buddha Press. James is also a fiction writer and has had short stories and flash fiction featured in Versifications Micro Misfits, Close to the Bone, and Rock and a Hard Place Magazine.