“POV” by Patrick Sugrue

“POV” by Patrick Sugrue

“Why you don’t lie down?” said
Exotic teen to white male.
A woman sat down behind the camera
And said, “You’re doing great.”

He wasn’t supposed to know
Why he was there, and whether
His wife back home had been faithful while
He was gone.

“Stay and see
My country,” she said,
And put her
Hand on his knee.

White man said,
“No no no” and stood up,
Looking out the window,
Which cued a tape of sea noises.

“You’re wife so long away,” she said
Sadly, between
Her thighs, the blink of a suspended shadow.

“I can’t,” he concluded.
Then he did
The cameras rolled.
“You’re beautiful,” he said as
He finished
And shrunk.

Patrick Sugrue lives in New Orleans, LA, though he is originally from Chicago, IL. He recently biked the 1,000-mile distance between the two cities in twenty days and twenty nights. Having published a chapbook of poems by Foothills Publishing, his poems have appeared in several literary journals including A Capella Zoo, The New Plains Review and The Rio Grande Review. He is beginning a screenplay and hopes to one day write a novel.