“Schrödinger In Love” by David Barber

“Schrödinger In Love” by David Barber

She needs time to consider your offer.
Meanwhile, you are neither here nor there,
she either hates or loves you, you do
not know. Be content with the mystery.

The Copenhagen Interpretation states
until you find out, you will be happy
and hopeless. The Many Worlds version has
one giddily engaged and the other

spurned. Which world is which is anyone’s guess,
though Wigner’s friend is almost sure he saw
that Einstein fellow leave her rooms last night.
Will it make a difference if he tells?

While the coin spins, it is hard to know
if it is heads or tails, or just the cost
of a letter her tongue has touched and now,
with trembling fingers, you open and read.

David Barber is a poet.