Winter 2015

“Suspend your disbelief. For an instant, why not be amazed?”
– Christine Fellows, “A Day in the Road”


“Bread of Life” by Cynthia McGean

Flush from the long journey up the hill through the cold winter night, they jostle for a place at my hearth. All through the warm spring months they frolic and dance, but when winter comes, they are mine.

“Atomic Missions” by Michael Andre-Driussi

“Where were you the day the first atomic bombs were dropped?” Pierce asked Buddy Dutchman.

“Necessary Evil” by Stephen J. Barringer

From Aryn Hold and the town of Arynfell, on the shore of Loch Alasdair, it was nearly a full day’s ride north to the mountain of Ben Carreg, where the house of the wizard Ash had been built.

“The Salt Wedding” by Gemma Files

That one time in Porte Macoute, Tante Ankolee: A wise woman, cunning sorceress. Who buy she-self out-bondage wit’ her own money, make she livin’ wit’ her charm, who owe no debt and leave no insult unpaid. Who all men fear an’ all women come to, ‘specially in them time o’ worst need. Whose magic like the sea itself, so dreadful-strong and changeable, much deeper still than any grave.

Illustration: Bridget Wilde enjoys exploring the lighter side of fantasy and steampunk art, and has been showing at conventions since 2000. When not drawing, she teaches Japanese language, makes wire jewelry and geeky stuffies, crochets, embroiders, cosplays, provides hero support to ballerinas, and sometimes even sleeps. Bridget Wilde has 3 children and a cyborg back. Bridget can be found online at and goes by @bewildered on Twitter.