“Ship of Jinn” by Holly Lyn Walrath

“Ship of Jinn” by Holly Lyn Walrath

What do men dream
at night before sleep?

My skin boils beneath ice
milk and cream curdling

uncoiling, it asks
not for forgiveness.

Close in the dark
their breath is victim

to the night

for I let in trigger finger
lust and blood masterpieces

I hollow out bones for
the jinn to sleep within

wicked cold and berged
in harbor orange lights.

Do you think it’s safe
beneath the sheets?

I fill our bed with
the corpses of men

filling the hollow
where he used to sleep

like creamy silk I’ve felt it
but I just wanted them for parts.

See I was making a dream
more real than reality

where his dark heart
could never find me.

black-widow-baby Holly Lyn Walrath‘s poetry and fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Liminality, Abyss & Apex, Literary Orphans, and The Fem, among others. She wrangles writers as a freelance editor and volunteers with Writespace, a nonprofit literary center in Houston, Texas. Find her online @hollylynwalrath or hlwalrath.com.