A Word from the Editor (Winter 2018)

2018 is going to be…

Well, it’s going to be a year. Of some kind. Right? I feel almost entirely confident in saying that.

However this year turns out, I am extremely pleased to be starting it with this brand new issue of Kaleidotrope. We have stories from returning authors like Mari Ness, Octavia Cade, and Julia August—as well as new-to-the-zine voices like Heather Morris and Kat Otis. At the same time, there are some terrific poems by Jennifer Crow, Mary Alexandra Agner, and irving. It’s the usual unusual mix of fantasy, science fiction, and a dash here and there of horror. With some historical fiction for good measure! And with cover art by the talented Kat Weaver.

Plus there’s the continuing horoscopes feature, which I assure that you some people have insisted to me they at least pretent to enjoy.

My thanks, as always, to the authors and artists who make Kaleidotrope possible. To the zine’s generous supporters—financially on Patreon as well as in spirit on Twitter. And to you, the reader—my most sincere thanks.

2018 promises much. Some of it will be difficult, or strange, or unexpected. We live in complicated, not always pleasant times. But there’s great stories and poems to be had, visions of other worlds and new ways of looking at our own. That’s the sort of thing worth sticking around and fighting for, in my book.

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year!

– Fred Coppersmith
Editor, Kaleidotrope
January 1, 2018