“At the Playground” by Marcie Lynn Tentchoff

“At the Playground” by Marcie Lynn Tentchoff

“I’m only making up
for time I’ve lost,” she says,
skipping past the jungle gym.
“There never seems
to be as much
as I had thought.
And I have plans!”

She pauses, throwing chiding grins
towards schoolboys
pulling schoolgirls’ hair.
She pushes one tot on a swing,
and catches one who starts to slip,
then leads a merry game of tag,
while parents smile complacently.

“I think,” she said,
“I’ll go to Rome,
seduce a an artist,
write a book,
and still be back in time for work.”
She hunkers down,
and stops to comfort
one small girl
who’s skinned her knee.

“Which one is yours?”
a mother asks.
“Oh, some of each.”
She grins again,
and leaves the children
far behind, while hoarding
all their stolen time.

Marcie Lynn Tentchoff lives on the west coast of Canada with her family and other strange creatures. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in such publications as Star*Line, Polar Borealis, and Polu Texni, while her latest poetry collection, Midnight Comes Early, will soon be released by Hiraeth Publishing. Marcie edits Spaceports & Spidersilk, an sf/fantasy magazine aimed at middle grade and teen readers.