“New Spaceship Smell” by Robert Borski

It takes only a single sniff
of the interior, with its artisanal
mix of Martian pine, Uranian
ambergris, and frost-resistant
roses of Pluto, to conjure up
the allure of elsewhere, to induce
the Earth-weary, potential-1st-time
buyer to consider what it might
be like to climb aboard, override
the security protocols, and set off
for worlds with odd-colored suns
and alien freshness.

Half the time it’s not even necessary
to pitch the discount to seal the deal.

Robert Borski is a retired state employee and lives in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Though he did not start writing poetry until well into his sixth decade, he has had nearly four hundred of his poems published and in such venues as Asimov’s, Dreams and Nightmares, Star*Line, and Strange Horizons. Two collections of his poetry remain available: Blood Wallah and Carpe Noctem.