Spring 2013


“Ten Thousand Lives” by Bruce Holland Rogers

By the time he was twelve, his family had gone in the camper truck to see 40 of the lower 48 states. Dan had seen desert sunsets in Arizona, autumn foliage in New Hampshire, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Florida Keys.

“The Mud Girl” by Michael John Grist

The day Maokai met the mud girl he was drunk and ready to die.

“Journey to the Highlands of Papua: XII. The Upper Tagarree and the King of the Jews” by Regan Wolfrom

It was the rain-soaked parish of Kareega where the Fox Brothers first put our lives in danger.

“Scarlet Fever” by M. Bennardo

The clamp fastened on a stack of pages. The teeth of the oversewing machine bit down into them. The bohunk down the line waited to run the thread through.

“Rocky Mountain Ghosts” by Don Norum

You used to see the circle of crosses — thirteen of them, all facing the school — from B103, where I took trig

“The Worst Part” by Hannah Lackoff

After it was all over, he had to go back and tell their parents. This was the worst part.


“Oneiroliths” by F.J. Bergmann

“The Witch’s Confession” by Jordan Taylor

“Displacement” by Matthew King



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