Summer 2013


“Flock” by Caspian Gray

They met in a birdcage, in those last precious days before they became birds themselves.

“Jack Magic” by Erica Hildebrand

Captain Reese Bayberry stood belly against the rail, watching the storm brew on the far side of the peninsula. Already, cold rain spattered the harbor swells and the teak beneath his feet. His only recourse was to sail to safety. Soon, if at all, but he was stranded in low tide.

“Tintookie” by Thoraiya Dyer

The car stopped. Mum made a cranky, huffy sort of sound. It was the same sound she’d made when we got to Wiluna and Dad said he couldn’t see us because he was working a twelve-hour shift at the mine, and why was she always turning up on weekends?

“The Star of Jingdezhen” by Robert Bagnall

Once upon a time there was a man, Shao Tsai-Jung. He lived in Nantong and was a good man: resourceful, inventive, but headstrong. Together with his brother Ching he made things and fixed things that others couldn’t.

“Rock Song” by Aliya Whiteley

Johann had a pathological fear of furniture.


“Leaving Papa” by Darrell Lindsey

“in the dirt on the floor beneath the fuse box” by Michael Estabrook

“Other Circus” by John Grey



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