Summer 2014


“A Language of Worlds” by Preston Grassmann

As Koji entered the room, the weavers turned in their glass tanks. He watched the light pulsing in their bodies, flickering down through the filaments that flanked their translucent forms, and he could see the ideograms of their plan.

“Aqua Regia” by Karen Munro

Eden was a gentle boy, a little slow, a little sleepy, his mother’s favorite. He wasn’t as bold as his brother Osbert, or as timid as his brother Bon, or as quick and fiery as his little sister Vangeline. Eden, their mother said, had a long fuse.

“To the Heart of the City” by Desmond Warzel

In the youth of the world was the Age of Apotheosis, when every household and every nation thrived peacefully alongside its neighbors, the efforts of each redounded to the benefit of all, and city and countryside alike were filled with magical and mechanical wonders that would have been inconceivable in the present day if not for a few incomplete accounts among the surviving writings of the Age.

“Custom ReproductionsTM” by Angelle Haney Gullett

The workshop floor bobbed and gave as the latest prospective tenant for the property on Villanova Boulevard strode out towards the sky-high windows. Designed to flex with the pounding of heavy machinery, the floor’s motion did not seem to faze Miss Julienne Margrave in the slightest. Like walking on waves, she merely timed her step to meet the upswing.

“Three Kingdoms” by Matthew Sanborn Smith

“What are nightmares like, Five?” Tanse asked me from pale, cracked lips.


“Shag” by Folly Blaine

Untitled horrorku by Jessica Meddows



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