Winter 2014


“Jealous Idols” by Jamie Lackey

“We leave the canoe here and continue on foot,” Autumn Snow said as they reached the shore of the high, cold lake. Butterfly nodded without comment, careful to keep her face blank. She wasn’t looking forward to battling their way up the mountain, but she had insisted on coming along. She had no one to blame but herself.

“City of the Dying Sun” by Kristin Janz

“This is where the second sun died,” Teneka said. She gestured with one hand toward the wide expanse of glittering lagoon. “Right here in the necropolis?” Irion asked. He grinned.

“Stowaway to Mars” by H.S. Donnelly

International Space Station. Low Earth Orbit. Ibrahim stands, confidently looking at the older officer behind the desk, the one with epaulets on his gray uniform and a dark blue patch with “Cdr. Twillinger” in white letters.

“Phantasy Punk” by Josh Storey

“God created the world in six days. I can do better.” – Ford Hodgeson, Phantasy Punk Issue 13, “Punk is Dead”

“Winter Bride” by Merc Fenn Wolfmoor

One of the girls has been made into a doe again. Laughing wolves chase her through the palace halls, and you turn your face away as they pull her down. (They always do.) She screams with a human voice. You cannot help her; bite-scars cuff your wrists from when you tried before.


“The Man Who Was Perfect in All Ways” by Marge Simon

“Memo From Neverland” by Ada Hoffmann

“Schrödinger in Love” by David Barber